quarta-feira, 12 de fevereiro de 2014


? . My dismay is real or 'm bluffing so that they may have compassion on me ? It discouragement or even be tired ? What I did or what I failed to do to feel like this? Seeking solitude of the room , I lie in bed in the dark . Illuminated only by the light of the tablet , in silence , which I write in this moment I feel like everything is wrong, and I wish my daughter in the future when you think everything is going wrong , we learn that his father has also felt this way . I feel somewhat comforted by thinking so but deep down I know it 's all just an illusion. The fact that I could do to get out of that tight feeling embarrassed that smothers my chest ? How dare wonder what can I do if my whole body tells me to do nothing ? And probably nothing I did could actually solve this. So the deal is to take advantage and enjoy a depression since I have the faint spirit. Meanwhile sleep will taking over my tired eyes , but my troubled mind will not let me sleep . If you could smoke a cigarette now was the time ! Maybe I can still stand up and go drink a few shots of whiskey . But it happens that I have not eaten nadaainda , desdeque returned from work and being with my my empty stomach , would not be so good to drink . And since everything is useless , it would still be interesting to know why I suddenly do not kill ? Maybe finding the answer to this question I also find the key that will open the door of this desolation. Because I can only see exploitation , injustice , evil , and what I see is reality then I can not believe that things can improve . Neither is giving more to watch TV : watch the paper it's hard ! ! Only bad thing is happening ! ! It's assault, murder, theft , corruption , violence against children, the elderly , people who try to be the leading and only bucket of cold water on the head . The solution is to start all over again ... No, actually I only hoped that greater respect and consideration for some people , really ... maybe it was more than enough to not feel this way , but it seems so impossible , so difficult that today , so we just kind of gave up ... will lead my way alone!

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